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Medical Devices

Alpha Wire - Switchcraft

Choosing the right cables, wires and connectors for medical devices is crucial, because reliability and performance of components is critical to life in this industry

Imaging and Diagnostic devices
CT Scanners, X-ray devices, MRI Scanners, Ultasound Equipment

General/Universal devices

Motorized hospital beds, Dental chairs, Dental Drills, Wheelchairs

Patient Monitoring Devices
Electroencephalographic (EEG),  Electrocardiographic (EKG) Devices,  Pulse Oximeters, Endoscopes, Laparoscopes

Sugical Life Support Device
Medical Robots,  Centrifuges, Anesthesia Apparatus, Respiratory Equipment, Ophthalmological Instruments, Dialysis Apparatus, Lasik Instruments

PDF: Medical Devices - Portfolio (Alpha Wire) 


Custom cable and assemblies for outdoor lighting or field installable connectors for architectural lighting. We have IP67 and IP68 connectors and WET Rated cables


Industrial Packaging 
Automated Systems | Manufacturing Automation | Industrial Automation

Maximize your industrial automation solutions with cables and wires that can handle; EMI control, protection from hazards and the ability to withstand the stresses of continuous flexing.

This results in cables designed to maintain performance and consistency to ensure constant uptime and control

Key Factors:
Maximizing space , High routability, support for custom needs and volumes, ensuring availability

Applications: Automation, sensing, robotics, instrumentation, lighting, power supplies, agriculture, linear motion systems, High-speed servos, dynamic braking, High-speed vision systems, encoder/resolver applications, HMI and I/O

PDF: Industrial Automation - Industrial packaging - Material Handling (Alpha Wire)

Industrial Capabilities Guide (Switchcraft)

GPS / Data Acquisition

Having precise and trustworthy information is crucial. Often subjected to harsh environments our connectors and cable assemblies can withstand any condition.

Safety and Security 

This industry uses a variety of products to serve their needs. A crucial asset is continuous communication. We have the best products available for ensuring dependable communication.

Automotive/Marine Transportation 

Our Cables, Connector’s and assemblies are used for secondary applications on Truck’s, Buses, Construction Agricultural, Forestry, Off-road Vehicles and Equipment as well as Marine application’s where Harsh Environments demand ruggedized solutions.

Aerospace and Defence

Military equipment must work reliably under extremes, including temperature, shock/vibration, exposure to oils, fuels, and other chemicals. To be prepared for any scenario you need the right components.

Applications: Tactical communications equipment, Command and control systems, Intelligence information systems, Advanced radar units, Target acquisition, Automated weapons control, High-level detection equipment, Ground combat and support vehicles, Unmanned vehicles, etc.

PDF: Military Brochure


Our energy industry products are designed to withstand the extreme demands of various applications with maximum reliability and flexibility to help prevent costly downtime.

Major temperature swings, ozone, uv radiation, moisture and oil are environmental challenges that are crucial considerations 
Applications: Solar power - Wind power - Electric Vehicle charging stations - Smart grid architecture - Instrumentation

PDFs: Solar Power

Pro Audio and Broadcast

Represent the division of the worldwide leading manufacturer of premium quality interconnected solutions for professional audio, video, and data systems.

PDFs:  Pro Audio Guide (Short) - Pro Audio Full Catalog 

Consumer Electronics

The right cable offers improved control, energy efficiency, reliability and convenience. Ensuring the reliability of appliances.

Mobile Electronics / Gaming Consoles 
manage power and withstand heat with Alpha Wire solutions designed to perform in tight space.

LED Lighting 
Alpha Wire designs LED cables to ensure reliable connectivity 

Cables designed specifically for drone applications, lightweight with strong durability and flexibility. With high resistance to vibration and interference

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