Alpha Wire

"Bob Randall says he's been selling Alpha Wire products longer than his son has been alive"
      - His son Shane Randall

We understand this industry better than the rest and have a long lasting connection with the Alpha Wire team. Meaning there is no better place to acquire the perfect cable, wire and/or management accessories for your current and future projects. 

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Cable: Alpha Essentials - industrial Series - EcoGen - Xtra-Guard Performance Cable 
Wire: EcoGen - Hook-Up Wire
Accessories - Connectivity -

switchcraft conxall connectivity solutions

Our partnerships with Switchcraft Conxall have been going strong for  25 years. We have an extensive knowledge of their products, production capabilities, and processes.

Our relationship is exceedingly strong; we work together efficiently to answer your needs and solve your challenges.

See links to product lines below:
Cable assemblies
 - Connectors - Jacks and Plugs - Switches - Telecom patchbays and patchcords - Guitar - Jacks and Plugs - A/V Cables - A/V/D Connectors - A/V/D Patchbays - Other - Custom

Quality, build products in vertically intergrated factories in Chicago, IL. 
Experience, Switchcraft / Conxall has been a leader in connectivity products since 1946. 
Customer service, engineers work to provide solutions. 
Engineering support, 3D cad files, cable drawings.