Whitmar Rep LTD - Custom 

Experienced customer service meets innovative engineering and design to offer you unrivaled custom solutions.

Custom Product Solutions

We take pride in helping you develop and source top quality design wins that will create efficient solutions for the toughest enviroments and the strictest design criteria.

You will minimizing long-run costs in time, money and frustrations with the most resiliant and versatile custom components from our partners.

Common Challenges Solved by Custom Cables 

Problem 1:
I need a cable that can do what. 2, 3 or 4 standard cables can do 

This challenge will be solved by combining serveral abilities of cables inside one common jacket. Making installation more eficient by simplifying the process into one cable that can perform the tasks of many. 

Problem 2:
I need a more flexible cable that doesn't fail after a certain number of flex cycles 

Pre made cables will be selected for their properties, or sometimes price, and used for applications that will invlove high levels of flexing, or used in extreme temperatures. This definitive choice will lead to cables being destroyed prematurely, or frequent failure and replacement. In this case the best method is a custom solution; the properties will be maintained while changing conductor count to increase flexibility. 

Problem 3:
People will see and or touch the cable; it needs to look and feel nice

Often cables are hidden away behind the scenes, however some are visible or touched by clients. For example in medical settings; cables are found in medical equipement that are right infront of patients, potentially touching them too. For this reason the cables are customized to improve the look and feel and maintain the high quality image of organizations and their equipment.

Problem 4:
My application involves specific environmental conditions that go beyond the capabilities of standard cables.

A difficult challenge can be maintaining performance despite environmental challenges. This include but are not limited to high levels of shock, extremely wide temperature swings, large amonts of water. Custom cables can modified tomeet needs and tested to those parameters to maintain performance. 

Manufacturer Capability Overview 

Alpha Wire

Turn to Alpha to find the precise design
need, expansive options with
short put-ups and fast delivery.

We will work with you to optimize
your design with the best match of:

-  Electrical
-  Mechanical
-  Environmental properties.

below are just a few of our expansive
options for 
your custom products,
you can find them all listed here in the
cable brochure 

PDF: Custom Cable Brochure

Switchcraft Conxall 

A proud U.S manufacturer, vertically
integrated to maintain quality of
components inside and out.

Switch Craft designs have become
industry standards, and for a good
reason. Their designs provide effective,
reliable solutions in a variety of

Switch Craft is a name and a company
to respect. They have earned their place
in the industry through a commitment to
customers' needs and by delivering on it.

These resources below are only a small
sampling of what we can provide. Can't
find what you need, ask and it will be
built for you.

PDF: Capabilities Guide

Cable Constuction:

Application: Overall and individual
Types:  Foil, braid, spiral, Supra-Shield®
foil + braid

Flex types:  Rolling, bending, torsional,
Flex cycles: Up to 20 million

Temperature: -80 to + 200ºC
Electrical: 0, 150, 300, 600, 1000V


ISO 9001:2008

Cable configurations:
• Multiconductor cable 
• Multipair cables
• Microminiature cable 
• Coaxial cables
• Micro coaxial cables   
• Hybrid cables
• Composite cables         
• Power cables
• Lead wires                     
• Flat, ribbon,  zip cables
• Round braids                  
• Retractable coil cords


Engineering Support:
Full Staff of design engineers in Chicago
and Vila Park 

Simulation software.
• SolidWorks - 3D solid modeling
• Cosmos - FEA
• Moldflow - Tool design
• Orcad – PCB layout & electronics analysis
• Ansoft – High frequency modeling analysis

Ability to provide rapid prototypes.

Internal Test Lab:

Electrical Properties
• Insulation resistance
• Breakdown voltage
• Contact resistance
• Return Losses
• Frequency Response Measurement

Mechanical Properties
• Force testing
• Life testing
• Low level vibration

Environmental Testing
• Thermo cycling
• Salt Spray
• Humidity vs. temperature testing
• NEMA 250 – IP 67/ 68